Reach anywhere in India, in half the time than that of the market average, with our highly safe and efficient primary transport management involving long haul truck transportation operations, backed by India’s largest dry cargo fleet.


Pay only for the services you use, for as long as you use them, and reduce your inventory carrying costs via dynamic pricing with an extensive network of pay-per-use, modern storage facilities in strategic locations across India.

Integrated Services

Drive greater operational efficiencies and unlock remarkable cost savings with our seamlessly integrated logistics operations offering multiple capabilities, both inside and outside our existing network.


The story of Varuna Group began at the threshold of a new era in Indian logistics. In 1996, when two brothers opened a small-scale regional trucking setup in Bareilly, little did they know that it will grow into one of India’s leading providers of technology-enabled logistics, warehousing, and integrated services. Operating with the principles of customer centricity, operational excellence and transparency, today Varuna Group partners with supply chain leaders in managing their end-to-end logistics operations with the aim of reducing the effective landed cost of products. Every day, we work with utmost dedication and an unparalleled zeal to deliver excellent service and exceptional savings, leading to true value creation for our clients.
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