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We take pride in our 1500+ strong team inspired by the single-minded drive to help our clients unlock the growth potential of their supply chains. Engaged with us in myriad roles, our people nurture an obsession for growth, a hunger for delivering nothing but excellence and a desire to keep pushing their limits. Read their stories to know why a career with Varuna Group is gripping & challenging but never boring.

  • Saurabh Sharma
    Saurabh Sharma
    General Manager - Kolkata Fleet Hub

    “Varuna is the place to be if you have the capability and the desire to grow.”

  • Sandeep Banerjee
    Sandeep Banerjee
    General Manager, Operations - South Zone 2

    “Don’t ever discriminate against any task that comes your way; every job you do should be celebrated as an achievement.”

  • Jyoti Negi
    Jyoti Negi
    Deputy Manager - Finance Department, Gurugram

    “A positive mindset will pave a path for your success.”

  • Babita Bareja
    Babita Bareja
    Assistant General Manager, MD office

    Experience the journey of Varuna’s gem

  • Parmeshwar Singh
    Parmeshwar Singh
    General Manager, Operations

    “I’ve forayed into different roles but my heart lies in IT. I’m constantly thinking about how I can automate tasks and improve the efficiency of operations.”

  • Sunita Mahlaa
    Sunita Mahlaa
    Manager- HR

    “Varuna Group gives potential recruits exactly what they seek - a dynamic, healthy and affable work culture - which is not something easily attainable in the logistics industry.”

  • Parminder Singh
    Parminder Singh
    Senior Warehouse Manager

    “I’m big on honesty & transparency in work relations. Emphasise cultivating them in your team with fervour.”

  • Manish Kumar
    Manish Kumar
    Senior Manager- Loss Prevention and Audit

    “I value the freedom my organisation has bestowed on me and make it a point to use it mindfully. I am driven to hone the very manner in which the team operates”.

  • Srinivasan Bhavan
    Srinivasan Bhavan
    GM- Fleet Maintenance

    “I’m not just associated with Varuna Group - it’s in my blood! With my team’s help, I am driving the change to turn Varuna into India’s leading logistics company.”

  • Rita Joshi
    Rita Joshi
    Credit Control Executive

    “Varuna has been a great support in my journey from a home maker to a professional. It keeps me inspired even in the most challenging adversities.”

  • Piyush Jain
    Piyush Jain
    Business Analyst

    "Varuna’s highly collaborative and integrated culture makes it the best place to nurture fresh talent in data analytics"

  • Sudhir Kumar
    Sudhir Kumar
    HR Manager

    “I put my heart & soul into ensuring that our team members feel valued and closely connected to each other.”

  • Mrutyunjaya Nayak
    Mrutyunjaya Nayak
    Site In-charge, Varuna Warehouse, Hyderabad

    “When you work with passion, you witness positive results.”

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