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We act as a catalyst to streamline your processes from procurement to manufacturing. With our understanding, you will be able to optimize your supply chain activities to achieve maximum throughput by avoiding any wastage. Our in-plant warehouse acts as a bridge between your suppliers and your plant. Our interventions include consolidation of all materials from different suppliers to ensure JIT input to your plant by making you feel that your suppliers are just next door!
We follow lean supply chain – providing just the right amount of material for manufacturing to keep the holding cost low and ensure JIT manufacturing.

Our In-plant Warehouse Services
  • Material consolidation
  • Order management
  • Inbound transportation
  • VMI services
  • Line-side feeding
  • Quality assurance
  • Kitting and pre-production preparation
  • Un-packaging/ packaging services
  • Reduced logistics costs: With JIT inventory no surplus/ low inventory
  • Streamlined procurement: a proper inbound flow of materials from suppliers
  • Real-time data: Better decision making by accessing real-time inventory data
  • Reduced distribution cost: Value-added and quality assurance services reducing the risk of incorrect shipments
One of the most critical parts of the supply chain is the distribution as it brings your material to your customers. We ensure timely creation of orders and on-time delivery in a reliable and safe environment.
Our Distribution Services 
  • Implementation and operation of warehouses, regional/ national distribution centers in a dedicated/ shared environment
  • Purchase order and sale order management
  • Coordination of customer deliveries
  • Inventory management, visibility, and tracking

Using our expertise, state-of-the-art IT and network design tools, we manage warehouses and suggest the optimum location for your warehousing utility. With enhanced labor management and automation, we ensure that your warehouses are managed in the most efficient way and your supply chain is streamlined with on-time deliveries.

  • Reduced inventory maximize inventory cycle turns
  • Lower distribution cost by using load balancing techniques and optimizing network and transportation

A consolidation warehouse becomes the single destination of all produce from where the transportation to various regions can be managed. We are developing a 4.3 lac sq ft single block of warehousing space which will work as a consolidation warehouse at Shambhu Barrier in Punjab situated very close to Ambala.

Benefits of Consolidation Warehouse
  • Cost reduction by up to 10%
  • Quality transport and warehousing
  • Flexibility for increased requirements
  • Cater to seasonal spikes
  • Manufacturers in J&K, Punjab, Haryana and HP can consolidate their products for distribution in rest of India
  • Manufacturers in other parts of India can use this for distribution in J&K, Punjab, Haryana & HP
Our focus on quality and reliability offers a broad spectrum of services that go hand in hand with our core warehousing and transportation capabilities. We also offer innovative solutions by understanding the unique requirements of each industry and the client’s business. These value-added services facilitate strategies to improve inventory management and reduce holding cost.
Our Value Added Services
  • Labeling
  • Kitting/De-kitting
  • Quality Checks
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Returns Handling
  • Refurbishing
  • Focus on your core business leaving the supply chain intricacies to our experts
  • Absolutely low CapEx and most costs being OpEx in nature
  • Able to handle seasonal spikes
  • Seamless integration of IT solutions with your system