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Total Indents Vs Placements

India’s Largest Dry Container Fleet

Unlike the industry prevalent practice of third-party fleet, we operate and maintain our own. Our fleet is also the largest dry container fleet in the country comprising 1700+ vehicles. Coupled with an online vehicle assignment and management tool, it helps us ensure vehicle availability for our clients regardless of seasonal peaks and troughs.

Varuna Logistics exemplifies integrity and reliability. With a proven record of 95% on-time placement, 50% savings on transit times, 0.01% damage ratio and 100% en-route visibility, our data speaks for itself. We treat our client’s commitments as our own; in fact, for us, each indent is our highest priority.


As a firm operating in the connected age, we strive to simplify the supply chain of our customers while also informing them as to what they should expect from the next 5, 10, or even 20 years. Embracing technology empowers us to do that and much more. Our technology first approach enables us to incorporate and drive logistics operations with ease, efficiency and complete transparency. Internet of Things (IoT) helps us offer real-time visibility of enroute vehicles to our clients, helping them plan their distribution better. We also have an advanced preventive fleet diagnostics & maintenance system that checks 27 parameters prior to a trip and records job sheet maintenance & en-route fleet maintenance. All of these initiatives, enable us to serve you with 100% in-transit visibility and a TAT that’s 50% less than that of the market.

Technology enabled TAT reduction by upto 50%

Trained Workforce

Our employees are more than just individuals who work for us; they are partners in the growth and development of the Varuna family. We are a 1500+ strong team inspired by a shared vision to be India’s leading operator of shared logistics network in the coming years. Our skilled and dedicated specialists work closely with you and your teams to leverage the power of Varuna Group and all our services to effectively manage end-to-end logistics ensuring operational excellence all the way.

Safe Transportation

Our vehicle body is developed under the guidance of automobile design leaders who are constantly engaged in monitoring and improving vehicle designs in order to enhance goods as well as driver safety. In addition to this, each one of our vehicles is monitored remotely through IoT sensors for various technical faults and frequently diagnosed through a platform to perform maintenance checks of up to 27 key data points before any trip.

We help our drivers undergo a comprehensive training and safety module in order to equip them with good driving habits, ensuring not only their own safety but also that of the material and the machine. We regularly upskill and reskill them to help them easily adopt newer and more efficient business practices in the future like a complete transition to cashless operations, tech-enabled tracking along with using an application that provides event triggered SOPs to facilitate hassle-free transportation.

The Varuna Edge

95% On-time Arrival Performance

With an owned fleet, a capable Fleet Maintenance Team and 24×7 real-time tech-enabled monitoring, your goods get delivered with a 95% on-time arrival rate. This means the shipment of your goods, just like your growth, is now predictable and unstoppable.

IoT Driven Operations

We foster a technology first approach. We harness the power of AI and Machine Learning to drive efficiency at every milestone and every node of your logistics network.

Exceptional Placement Performance

We offer an unparalleled placement performance of 95% with the help of a Dry Container Fleet that is the largest in the country. This 1700+ strong fleet is backed by a robust suite of IT tools and well-trained professionals who are passionate about serving you and your customers well.

50% Transit Time Efficiency Gain

Cutting-edge technology and a DNA of operational excellence enable us to reduce transit times by 30-50% across India. This translates into efficient logistics operations and quick last mile delivery of your goods to your customer.

100% En-Route Visibility

With Varuna Logistics, you can track your goods by the minute. Our highly sophisticated control tower and IoT enabled tracking dashboard to enable you to pin-point the exact location of your goods, ensuring high visibility and transparency, at all times.