Leveraging Internet of Things

The advent of the Internet of Things is transforming the way data is captured, documented and used worldwide. We have strived towards the maintenance of a technological edge in order to harness IoT and data analytics to help address some of the critical business requirements like reliability, visibility, and time-sensitivity.

Control Tower

All our vehicles are fitted with IoT sensor devices which generate data on a list of parameters that pertain to vehicle position, movement, driver behavior, etc. The abundant data captured is then stored at our Centralized Data Center and it is analysed to infer useful business insights.

Driver Analysis

Driver analysis is important to ensure the safety of man, material and machine. We use a number of parameters to analyse drivers for which data is captured from the vehicles in real-time. The parameters tracked under driver behavior are tailgating, over speeding, turning speed and angle of the vehicle, etc. Based on this driver data analysis results, we ensure that the driver undergoes a training relevant to his shortcomings in his next visit to the hub.

Mobile Interface for Market Vehicles

It is a necessity to engage market vehicles at times but the process was strewn with loopholes in the past. We are able to successfully address this issue with the help of our Development and Data Center. We have developed a Mobile App to bring transparency and convenience in the process of market vehicle procurement. This is achieved through online bids and cashless transactions to warrant quick and effective delivery of services from our end to all our partners.

100% Cashless Operations

The Demonetization drive gave us an opportunity to move towards 100% cashless operations, with regards to our clients, as well as, driver payments and fuel disbursements. All our transactions, in addition to driver trip adjustments, sundry expenses or fuel expenses are all wired. Our drive has even helped our customers and vendors reduce their cash transactions and enabled digitalization.

Digitised Transport Management

Otherwise a manual-intensive process, we have brought transparency in the complete transportation cycle from indent to final payment through digitization of LR, Loading points operations, POD, DEPS management, Trip advances, etc. Automated vehicle allotment and vehicle maintenance have also helped us manage our operations with high accuracy.