Executive - Billing

Group Company: Varuna Warehousing Pvt. Ltd

Designation: Executive - Billing (VW0022)

Office Location:

Years of experience: 3 to 5

Salary Range: INR 3 to 5

Position description:

  • To Manage billing / Payment
  • Payment Follow-up with CFA
  • Indent Creation as per the allocation Credit Limit of CFA / Authorized Partners

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Billing, Documentation, Payment

Additional Responsibilities:

Reporting Team

  • Reporting Designation:
  • Reporting Department:

Educational qualifications preferred

  • Category: Bachelor's Degree
  • Field specialization: Accounting
  • Degree: Bachelor of Commerce - BCom
  • Academic score:
  • Institution tier:

Required Certification/s:

Required Training/s:

Required work experience

  • Industry:
  • Role:
  • Years of experience: to

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Average billing days should not exceed targeted days for the branch/ HO as applicable 100% adherence to bills submission to clients and adherence Zero marks in case of >= extra 4 days taken than targeted
  • %age Bills cancelled by Bill Audit Team Nil errors Zero marks in case of >= 3% errors
  • Analyse Branch-wise reasons of delay in bills generation/ submission and take action to correct the same Share cases of issue, solution identified and implemented for atleast 1 issue by 5th of every month
  • "1. Ensure that all data feedings for bills finalization/ status/ submission date/ remarks as applicable to be done timely and accurately so that there is no error or delay in working at any stage. No delay in billing due to incomplete feeding work 2. Timely updation of reasons of unbilled cases in ERP" No delay in billing due to incomplete feeding work Zero marks for achievement

    Required Competencies:

    • Accounting
    • Tally

    Required Knowledge:

    • WMS
    • SAP Knowledge
    • Tally

    Required Skills:

    • Team Player
    • Hard Working
    • Good Communication
    • Analytic

    Required abilities

    • Physical:
    • Other:

    Work Environment Details:

    Specific requirements

    • Travel:
    • Vehicle:
    • Work Permit:

    Other details

    • Pay Rate:
    • Contract Types:
    • Time Constraints:
    • Compliance Related:
    • Union Affiliation: